Olds College Brewery


Address: Wilson Hall 4500 - 50th Street, Olds, AB T4H 1R6
Tel: (403) 556-8293
Email: ocbrewery@oldscollege.ca

Olds College Brewery not only makes excellent beers, but they’re training new brew masters, as well. Their state of the art 2,000 square foot facility is dedicated to teaching students the art and science behind brewing possible. Their brewing equipment is tailored for small commercial production with six 1,000 liter commercial fermenters. They sell cans, bottles, and kegs at their on-campus beer store, and at leading liquor stores and restaurants across the province. All revenue from beer sales goes toward supporting education and the brewing industry.

Olds College Brewery won the ‘2014 Rookie of the Year’ award for their Pecan Brown Ale, produced for Edmonton and Calgary Beerfest’s 10th anniversary:http://www.oldscollege.ca/community/shop-at-olds-college/olds-college-brewery/our-beers/index