Drummond Brewing Company


Address: 6610 71 St Red Deer, AB T4P 3Y7
Tel: (403) 346-1146
Email: beer@drummondbeer.com

A craft brewery in Alberta with the mission to “do what we do.”

A well-known Alberta brewery that inherited the Uncle Ben’s brewery, Drummond specializes in light lagers, including an brown-cardboard clad generic Beer Beer. Kevin Wood and Cody Geddes-Backman, who have no connection to the original brewery, bought the brand name and started up a new operation in 2009. Drummond recently launched a craft beer line, under the brand Something Brewing. Packaged in unique can four-packs the Something Brewing line is intended to honour craft traditions.

Drummond’s Beer Line-Up includes: Drummond Lager, Drummond Strong, Beer Beer, Drummond Gluten Free, Something Brewing Gimme That Nutt Brown Ale, Something Brewing Darkside Schwarzbier, and Something Brewing Hop Bomb IPA.