Bench Creek Brewing

Address: Range Rd 181A, Edson, Alberta
Tel: 780-517-7008

It’s easy to put things into perspective when you’re kilometres outside the nearest town standing next to a forest of spruce trees that happen to be older than the country you live in. The large things in your life get smaller, the small things simply disappear, and you’re free to move the mountains you thought were standing in your way. A life well lived is done only on your own terms.

Likewise, well-crafted beer is never an accident of fate. The ingredients didn’t fall together without purpose. Think of Bench Creek Brewing as a beacon for craft beer in Alberta, exploring the untouched wilds in search of new flavours before anyone else. We take what we find in those uncharted territories, refine it, distill it and perfect a beer that’s crafted to be shared with the world.

Please stop in for a tour, have some samples or fill your growlers with Naked Woodmans Pale Ale, White Raven IPA or Black Spruce Porter! We hope to see you soon!

Twitter – @benchcreekbrew
Instagram – benchcreekbrewing