(July 28, 2016)

The Alberta Small Brewers Association (ASBA) appreciates the Government of Alberta’s ongoing efforts to make brewing a signature industry for the province. Today’s announcement of a new grant program to spur growth in the industry signals an understanding of the unique needs of the small and medium sized businesses that characterize Alberta’s growing brewing industry.

ASBA members applaud the consultative approach taken by the government in launching this new program.

At a time when Alberta is looking for good economic news, the number of breweries in Alberta has doubled from 19 to 40 in only two years, with more than a dozen new breweries in planning. There are breweries opening in every corner of the province, in small towns and in our big cities. Entrepreneurs are investing tens of millions of dollars in buildings and equipment. There are brewing-related post-secondary education programs available at Olds College. Supporting industries such as tourism, equipment manufacturing, hop-growing, malting, and grain farming are also part of this exciting story.

In a Canadian system in which Alberta is the only province that allows the free-flow of beer across provincial borders, a government program to ensure the continued growth and development of the local industry is welcomed. The growth of our brewing industry means good Alberta-based jobs. It means fresher product for the consumer, made from Alberta barley. And it means new opportunities to attract tourists to the iconic Alberta story, connecting entrepreneurs to our beautiful landscapes and our hard working and passionate farmers.

Media contact:
Terry Rock, Executive Director

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