Alley Kat Brewery

Address: 9929 60 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 0C7
Tel: (780) 436-8922

Alley Kat is the 4th oldest microbrewery in Alberta and quality is their speciality. As a local brewery, they are committed to connecting with the community by integrating local products and reaching out to local suppliers whenever possible. Their focus on quality local brew is award winning; they recently took home the 2015 Beer of the Year award from the Canadian Brewing Awards. They craft their beer in the way that their craft their team – meticulously. They ensure that quality beer is brewed by quality people. Try their Scona Gold beer today, 2015’s Beer of the Year!

Brews that suit every taste mixed with wild cards to suit every season, check out Alley Kat’s variety of brews:­beers/.