(Calgary, Alberta) July 6, 2017 – The Alberta Small Brewers Association (ASBA) have launched a new website to help promote Alberta beer and all the best elements that go into making it unique.

The website is now live at Alberta.beer arriving just in time for summer. It showcases the rich culture of the Alberta beer industry, the local ingredients, like Alberta malt barley, as well as the brewers that are known for their experimentation, collaboration and community spirit.

“As Chair of the Alberta Small Brewers Association I’m excited about the roll-out of our new Alberta.beer website. I believe that it reflects the pride we Alberta brewers have in the people we employ, the Alberta ingredients we use, and the province we brew in. I hope everyone will take the time to visit Alberta.beer and learn why Alberta Beer is All the Best” says Neil Herbst, Chair of ASBA.

The website also gives beer fans more ways to engage with this collaborative industry by housing an events page aimed at sharing various events happening in the province, as well as featuring regular stories about our province’s beer.

“The phenomenal growth of craft brewing in Alberta over the past few years highlights its continued potential to be a signature industry for the province. With the launch of the Alberta.beer website, this success story will now reach a truly global audience and help inspire people to see, learn and taste what our beers are made of. The Government of Alberta is proud to support the Alberta Small Brewers Association in its mission to establish our craft-brewing industry as a must-visit experience,” says Ricardo Miranda, Minister of Culture and Tourism.

For more information on the Alberta beer industry please read the feature story for the website called “Alberta Beer – All The Best” and follow @AlbertaBrewers on Instagram and @AltaBrewers on Twitter.